Posted by: dreamingfromireland | 7 February, 2014

One year in Ireland

I can’t believe it! I have spent a year living in Ireland!

The first time when I came to Ireland I was scared because I only studied English in the school when I was a teenager, more than 15 years ago, and I thought it would be impossible to learn again. My surprise was when I met the new friends of my husband. They are Irish and they tried to speak with me all the time, with all the patience in the world. They helped us, always thinking in us for plans for the weekend, and at that moment I understood why the people say that the Irish are so friendly. Now, one year after this people are my family and my husband and me are in love with Ireland.

The people asks if we are happy with the weather, and yes, we are, because is very similar than the weather in our country, the only difference is that we have better summer than here, even though the last summer was lovely. We met with the friends to make barbecues in the beach, swimming and go out every Friday to dance. Now when I see the pictures I have a big smile in my face, it was a really good summer. I visited Mayo, Achill Island, Westport, Connemara, Kilemore Abbey, Cliffs of Moher, Clare, Roundstone, Galway and Dublin. I recommend you all, because every place has something special. Ireland has many marvellous landscapes.

Now I can say that I have improved my English a lot and I can speak with my friends and they don’t get bored. The best thing it happened in this year is that I am pregnant and my baby will be Irish and I am very proud of that.

I can only say, thanks Ireland for giving me this amazing year.

Photo by dreaming from Ireland.

Photo by dreaming from Ireland.


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